The Bear Platform

End-to-end security platform to protect devices, containers and their communications.

Lightweight device agents control communications in any physical or virtual environment – without needing constant communications from a central source.

The Bear Platform

The Bear Security Platform’s AI-driven management and distributed workflow policy engines enable complete protection and control over even the most massive 5G network.

The platform solution provides seamless integration across types of devices and containers such as Kubernetes, runs over any form of communication and transitions virtual and physical realms without distributing applications or systems.

Bear protects devices, containers and their communications

Bear Platform in a Cloud Deployment

Disconnected management paradigm provides a highly- scalable framework that effortlessly extends to millions of devices.

End-To-End AI-Driven Security System

Many security vendors claim to have some sort of machine-learning or artificial intelligence (AI) process that enhances their protection. At most these systems are participating in some small part of the overall solution as the software itself is statically-written and not capable of being truly dynamic.

End-to-end Protection

Platform Features

Blockchain without the issues.

Bear has developed an innovative new type of blockchain wherein the nodes, including Kubernetes containers, are independently and continuously authenticated.  This peer-based authentication enables blockchain protection to occur without the intensive overhead found in other approaches.  Combined with Bear’s patented certificate-free authentication, Bear eliminates obstacles preventing other blockchain options from protecting large scale solutions.

Invisible Protection

Bear sits below the enterprise and does not interfere with normal operations and yet can change in an instant to adapt to any new threat or malfunction.  Unified management operations finally make manageable the current nightmares facing distributed 5G systems.

Certificate-Free Authentication

Bear provides the first-ever certificate-free authentication and authorization solution that places a full stack of security on every device without needing to call home.  Local systems remain completely secure even when isolated from the main network.

AI Processing

Bear was built from the ground up with end-to-end AI processing in mind and that starts with agents that have no inherent behaviors programmed into them.  Instead, each agent consists of a series of tiny workflow engines that are completely controlled by behaviors defined in policies.  Change any part of the policy – authentication, encryption, etc… – and the agent changes its entire behavior on the fly.  Bear cleans data at its source and provides learning interfaces that enable admins to train the networks to manage themselves.

Out of Band Protection

Bear provides a virtual network that operates in-stream with current communications but runs out-of-band to the systems being protected.  This out-of-band process not only means that Bear does not need to see data to protect those communications. Bear can change any and all parts of its communications systems at any time without interfering with a business’ operations.

Data Anomaly Detection

Bear is also unique is that the data being collected from each device – communication logs, system events, and device health metrics – is normalized at the point of collection.  This transformation simplifies anomaly detection and enables new levels of insights independent of how some developer programmed a given device.  These data collection efforts, like every other part of the Bear platform, are dynamic and can change in an instant.

End-to-end Protection

It is this completely dynamic, adaptable framework that enables the Bear AI machine to fulfill its intent – complete, end-to-end responsiveness to events in real time.  The Bear AI is taught by experts and then becomes increasingly efficient at detecting and overcoming issues faster than the speed of thought.  It is this truly malleable context that separates  Bear’s AI from anything ever seen before in cybersecurity.

Bear combines all of these features into a single, unified security solution that protects and extends Kubernetes Clusters and, in turn, comprehensively secures 5G networks.  Bear enables policy-based control that allows multiple parties to gain access to the same devices and containers in order to maintain their aspect of a 5G slice.  

Bear is also zero-touch as does not require application changes, new networks or any of the other intrusive aspects that describe other security options.

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