True Security as a Service

Get Protection That Actually Works

So Many Products

Security is everywhere – in your applications, networks, meetings, and your nightmares at night.  It seems that an endless supply of new niche products promising to fix yet another new angle of attack is presented on a daily basis.  Cybersecurity these days is a full-time job and is often a major hurdle to releasing new offerings…

So Why Is There So Little Protection?

The only thing impacting businesses more than the plethora of security products are the never-ending hacks that are crippling companies’ ability to survive online.

Why such a disconnect?  How can there be so many security products and so little actual protection?

Security Needs Services, Not Products

Products are amazing when an organization wants to capture and perpetuate a given behavior.  Typing on a keyword should always work the same, spreadsheet formulas should also work as expected and so forth.

Security is not static.  It is chaotic, fluid and constant warfare.

What security requires are proactive services that are constantly monitoring enterprises and making changes as nefarious activities are discovered.

Enterprises, however, require stability – intrusive change is bad and continuous changes can bring a company to ruin faster than any cyber-attack.

This is why nobody offers a real security service – and, no, glorified alert systems do not count.

Bear’s Security as a Service

Unlike any other security solution on the market, Bear provides a complete Security as a Service offering that identifies and overcomes attacks – in real time.  Bear is invisible to applications and systems and can churn without any unwanted enterprise disruptions.  Unlike any other product, Bear does not intrude into an enterprise.  Bear works on everything from cloud servers to mobile devices to IoT devices and does so over any type of communication.

Bear finally solves cybersecurity by providing an actual service that can make changes, provide stability and actually stop hackers in their tracks.

If you are interested in discussing what Bear can do further, please contact us!