A Rapid Expansion of Connected Devices Colliding with IT – What Could Go Wrong?

Bear Systems’ AI-driven cybersecurity protects critical infrastructure and connected resources without forcing changes to systems, applications, or existing security.

5G, IoT, IIoT, Containers, Cloud Computing, Virtualization – now is the time for an agent-based security architecture

Our Platform Provides a Secure and Resilient Network Infrastructure Extending to Device Endpoints

Secure Encrypted Device Communications

Secure device data communications – including physical hardware; cloud, Kubernetes and virtualization efforts;  connected device endpoints; connected sensors


Prevent unauthorized device communications (ingress and egress) across physical and virtualized devices, including Kubernetes, connected sensors, and device endpoints


Automated anomaly and threat detection, remediation and device management that scales with your operations


Certificate-free authentication and authorization through P2P distributed blockchain

Unified Across all Communications Types

Security Layer works across Ethernet, Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth, OTA, Satellite, RF, Microwave

Enterprise-wide Security Standardization

Consistency across platforms, devices, and enterprise divisions

Zero-touch Deployment and Remediation

Does not disrupt operations during deployment or take down operations during device remediation

Visual Device Management Platform

Visual platform to manage network security – from critical infrastructure down to device endpoints.

Cybersecurity Tools

Encapsulated cybersecurity enables IT/Operations to apply complex enterprise security workflows

Our AI-driven cyber-threat detection, prevention and remediation reduces the workload of Enterprise cybersecurity personnel

End-to-End AI

Protect your enterprise network against cyber-threats with AI-driven threat detection, prevention and remediation.

With the explosion of connected sensors and devices, each device represents a potential bad-actor attack vector. Only on-device security assets can provide AI-driven threat protection, combined with device remediation.

Automated AI-driven
Threat Detection

Device threat detection and remediation predicts and closes security gaps quickly.

AI-Driven Device Security Management

Bear is the only security system that offers true End-to-End AI-Driven protection – and nobody else is even close.


Bear’s AI learns from admins and can simulate complex human interactions at each device endpoint, and at the scale of a 5G system.

Reduces Anomaly

Data cleansing and normalization at collection points removes noise, resulting in superior anomaly detection.

Bear Systems deploys a comprehensive security stack to every device – which enables AI-driven cybersecurity management across physical and virtual planes, including the cloud, and containerized applications.

Bear Device Security-Asset

A full security stack on every device controls ingress/egress.
Lightweight, fast, powerful, flexible and AI-enabled.
Frictionless to the Enterprise.

Device Communications

Agent-to-agent secured device communications – data encrypted leaving the device, and data de-crypted on the receiving end.

Secures & Authenticates Device Identity

Lightweight P2P distributed blockchain authentication designed for low-energy IoT devices and mesh networks – minimal overhead.

Workflow Engines

Power and flexibility through policy.  No static hard-coded behaviors.  Security and best-practices evolve based on environment and emergent technologies.

Lightweight, Fast,
Powerful and Flexible

Our security-asset runs at the lowest level of a device or container for unparalleled performance, security, and device management


Works on any type of device – from cloud servers to Kubernetes clusters to IoT sensors

End-to-end AI

AI-driven threat analytics and automated remote device security management and remediation

Our solution simplifies cybersecurity, enables AI-driven device management, and simplifies complex cybersecurity operations for non-security personnel.

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