Secure Architecture as a Service

Get Your Genius Idea To Market Fast

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Whatever your business, you know that you need to provide your customers with great features, capabilities or new optimizations in order to succeed.

You have most likely built amazing analytics in the cloud or some process that could change the world…

If only it could scale…

And not be hacked along the way.

Bear Provides Your Path Forward

Bear Systems has created the next generation, multi-patented, secure communications system that enables your amazing new technology to rapidly enter the market.  With our Secure Architecture as a Service (SAaaS), you get:

  • Proactive, invisible security protection
  • Clean, normalized, device agnostic data
  • A policy-based, highly-scalable control interface for all of your devices – from an IoT sensor to a Cloud Server

Cross Vertical Platform

From helping large smart grid projects develop cloud-based optimization solutions to building next generation consumer exchanges to securing cutting edge smart building control systems, Bear can utilize its SAaaS across numerous verticals.

The key is that Bear is incredibly flexible and the Bear platform provides customers with complete control to whatever extent they desire.  Best of all, Bear can continuously protect customer systems with no unintended impacts.  Bear is completely invisible to applications and systems and runs over any network on any device.

If you are interested in discussing what Bear can do further, please contact us!