End-to-End 5G Security

Enabling Invisible, Proactive, AI-driven Protection Throughout 5G Systems

Bear Systems enables comprehensive security for virtual/physical devices and containers including Kubernetes.

Kubernetes and Bear

5G is the latest mobile broadband effort and, while the “G” sounds similar, the technology behind the scenes is fundamentally different.  Imagine millions of tiny networks running services at a level never before accessible to consumers…or hackers.

Underlying 5G services is new infrastructure comprised of containers.  These containers are, conceptually, a much more efficient version of virtual private servers.  Google created Kubernetes which is being used the most to host these containers and thus is driving the core architecture of 5G.  While Kubernetes is amazing in many regards, security is not one of its strengths.  

Access to your home in innovative new ways, sure.  Protecting your privacy…not so much…

Bear’s Security-as-a-Service platform protects Kubernetes by placing lightweight security workflow agents on each part of a Kubernetes Cluster – from the physical/virtual devices to the management plane and nodes and even onto each container.  In many cases, Bear is enhancing current components and, in all instances, Bear does not interfere with existing efforts, applications or systems.  Bear does extend and enhance Kubernetes into a highly-secure, distributed system.  Bear also adds in critical AI-driven management to meet the massive scaling requirements of 5G.

All of this to say that Bear enables the protection, privacy and reach that 5G is promising but has yet to deliver.

Bear’s 5G Protection

Enhancing Components

From enhancing Kube-Proxies in Nodes to upgrading listeners in Pods and removing Sidecar needs in Containers, Bear extends policy-based security control throughout Kubernetes.

Secure Distributed Systems

Kubernetes works well within the confines of a single system and Bear enables widely distributed systems to be logically, and securely, grouped into one large local system.

AI-Driven Management

Bear is the only security system that offers true End-to-End AI-Driven protection – and nobody else is even close.

Visual Virtual Management

Policies enable complete, disconnected control over a 5G enterprise no matter how many micro-networks and antennas are added.

Bear Provides Comprehensive Security For 5G

Efficient, Transparent Communications Protection

AI-Driven Management At Scale

Lightweight device agent

The Bear Agent runs at the lowest level of a device or container and is completely controlled by policy.  It was built for low-energy IoT devices and mesh networks and has minimal overhead.

Blockchain secured workflow engines

Bear’s patented blockchain was built for the IoT and enables secure, efficient edge computing, distributed workflow and cascading remediation without hogging resources.

No More Noise

Bear enables far superior anomaly detection by cleaning and normalizing data at its point of collection and eliminating all of the noise that plagues other options.

Human-Centric AI

Bear’s AI learns from admins and can simulate complex human interactions at the level of each endpoint and at the scale of a 5G system.

True 5G Security

While 5G services are standardizing on Kubernetes, currently security within Kubernetes is disjointed and only implemented through tons of plugins.  Plugins that fail to completely protect even a single Kubernetes Cluster.

Moreover, Kubernetes was built to orchestrate Clusters within a given location and was never envisioned to handle distributed services running over insecure lines of communication.

One of the core tenants of 5G is AI-driven management automation but nothing in Kubernetes natively handles that level of interaction.

Bear solves all of these problems by unifying security throughout a Kubernetes cluster while extending the reach of Kubernetes both over insecure lines and through every type of communication found in 5G networks.  Bear has a new type of blockchain that locks down and protects these lines of communication.  Bear also provides the first-ever cybersecurity End-to-End AI-driven system which is ready to meet the needs of massive 5G deployments.

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