Security Is Dynamic

So Why Buy Static Products?

There Is A Problem Online

Cybersecurity is complex, ever-changing, multi-faceted but it has one main issue that plagues enterprises:


Companies are tired of the endless products, the never-ending costs, increased complexity and burdens placed on their people.  And for what exactly?  Does anybody really feel good about their cybersecurity solutions?

Isn’t it time we fixed this core issue?

Security Is War

Security is just not like anything else in IT.  There are no stable, secure foundations.  There are not tried-and-true best practices that have stood the test of time.

Cybersecurity is war.  It is fluid, active and continuously evolving.  It is Darwinism on steroids and being static, even for a moment, can doom a company.

Products are based on encapsulating standard approaches, repetitive routines and making them easier to accomplish.  Their success is measured by more efficient workforces, less burden on companies and an ability to reach into new opportunities.

Yet cybersecurity has nothing to standardized, nothing that can be set in stone and made routine.  As a result, products are simply making things worse.  They actually increase complexity, overwhelm customers with their demand and continue to intrude more and more with no end in sight.

Is it any wonder that companies just want cybersecurity to go away?  Can you blame the executive who prefers to risk being hacked over yet another highly-disruptive “security upgrade”?

Bear Has The Solution

Bear provides a unique new approach to cybersecurity – get it out of the way.

With Bear customers gain secure systems – systems that enable ever-changing security to sit behind a transparent shield that isolates that churn and provides a stable base upon which a business can actually run.

How is this achieved?  As a customer, you do not really care because these systems are guaranteed to be safe.  In fact, if a system is compromised, you will get paid for the damages.

As a provider, you gain more control over security than you ever had in the past and you gain this in a manner that stops disrupting your customers’ lives.

If you are interested in discussing what Bear can do further, please contact us!

Not Just Bear

To be clear, Bear has core technology to enable this new paradigm and an exciting product that leverages its new Open Communications Platform, but this is not just a Bear effort.

Instead, Bear is enabling a new type of provider network – one wherein security vendors work together to increase their proactive ability to protect systems they are invested in protecting.  While providers control best practices, vendors enjoy the centralization of their personnel, real-time data exchanges with other vendors and, eventually, cross-company workflow responses to sophisticated attacks.

If you are interested in discussing what Bear can do further, please contact us!